This is a topic of great interest to me as I have been a Christian for over 50 years and love the church and have been involved in and worked in the church all that time.  It saddens me to say the church is weak and ineffective but it is and to hide our head in the sand and refuse to believe so will not fix the problem.  Let me say here, there is an answer from our Lord and it is a simple answer as most answers from God are, though not necessarily an easy thing to fix depending on our willingness to abide in the Word.

This teaching is going to focus on the things that are usually blamed for this problem.  We will start to look at the solution in the next teaching.

The reason the church is weak is not because of:

1) The government,

2) Sin in the church,

3) Nationally known ministers & what they teach,

4) Satan & his host of demons,

Let’s look at the government:  I live in the U. S. and am as frustrated about the way our government is going as anybody.  Our nation was founded on the foundation of Christians being able to worship by the dictates of their own heart and how they understood the Holy Bible.  It also was founded in freedom and liberty from government intervention into our lives, but this is not a political teaching so won’t go there.  Even though our government is currently going in the wrong direction, it can’t weaken the church.  The church can only be weakened from within.  During the first 100 years of Christianity they reached most of the known world even though there was not one government of any nation friendly to the church.  In fact many were very violent to Christianity, burning individuals at the stake, feeding them to the lions etc.  So we see that governments much more suppressive than ours could not stop the growth of true Christianity.  It is God that supplys the power to fulfill the great commission,  not us.

Sin in the church:   Let me be very clear, I am probably more against allowing sin into our lives than most of you who are reading this, but sin in the church isn’t the main reason the church is weak and anemic.  It certainly could add to the problem, but isn’t the real cause.  If you will remember the early church such as the church at Corinth, was full of sin, but the overall church was very strong and effective. If we will just operate in the power of the Holy Spirit, He will do a lot to take care of the sin problem.  Remember Ananias and Sapphira?  When the church starts operating in God’s strength and righteousness, the sin problem will decrease dramatically

Nationally known ministers & what they teach:  It is very poplar to look at well known Christian leaders that don’t believe exactly the way we or our denomination believes and to blame the problem on their teaching.  Well if they were stronger and more vocal against abortion and gay marriage the church would be stronger.  I am very much against these sins, but let me remind you these sins and others just as bad were prevalent in the early days of the church.

Satan and his host of demons:  This is probably the most ridiculess one of all.  Of course Satan and his kingdom is powerful, but that is why the church was put here on this earth, to live victorious over Satan in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We can’t blame Satan when The Father has given us all the tools to do the job He has called us to do.

There is plenty more reasons that contribute to the failure of the church to fulfill the great commission, but these are the ones that church leaders mention the most.  Please read the 2nd in this series and we will begin to look at what we can do.