One of the great stories in the Bible is the story of Jehoshaphat and how Almighty God fought a battle  for him that he could not win on his own.  Many times I hear Christians say “God is fighting this battle for me” or “if we will praise the Lord, He will fight this battle for us.”  While this is very true there is more to it than just saying it or praying a 30 second prayer asking God to fight for us then just go our way figuring He would take care of it, and if it doesn't turn out the way we want we just say well it wasn't God's will for him to be healed, or the marriage to work or the pickup payment to be made.  You know we can't always know God's will.  It's not His will to heal every time.  We should always pray in His will.  How can we know His will?  Very simple, know His Word.  If we don't spend serious time in His Word' we can never know His will.  

So here is the problem that Jehoshaphat was facing.  He was king of Judah, and three other kings decided they would join forces and wipe him off the face of the earth.  They were already on the way when he found out about it.  He immediately went to the Lord to inquire of Him.  Then an most amazing thing happened.  The people of Judah came together also to seek the Lord.  It says they came from every town in Judah.  How did this happen?  The answer is in 2 Chronicles 19:4.  It says Jehoshaphat earlier in his reign had went out among the people and turned them back to the Lord.  If he had not done this the whole story would have turned out different.  He stood up in the assembly of these people and prayed a powerful prayer.  See 2 Chronicle 20:6-12.  First he prayed and magnified the Lord, and thanked Him for being with them in earlier years, then he spoke his faith to Almighty God.  He said we cry out to you in our distress and you will hear us and save us.  He said we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you.  All the men of Judah with their wives and children stood with Jehoshaphat and obviously were in agreement with his prayer.  Then the prophet of the Lord stood and said “this is what the Lord says to you”, and proceeded to tell them the Lord would fight their battle.  He then gave precise instructions on how they were to proceed.  They didn't go back to their homes and watch as the stomach turns on their television, or play on their smart phones.  They stayed focused on the Lord and His answer.  (what is found in His Word).  They had to be a doer of The Word.  In verse 17 He said they were to take there positions and see the deliverance the Lord would give them.  Notice they still had to go out and take their positions.  He said go out and face them but do not be afraid or discouraged.  If these people and their leaders had not already made God the lord of their lives, it would have been to late, they would have been toast.  We must prepare for the tough things that will come our way, before they come our way, or we will crumble under the pressure.

How do we relate this to our situations today?  We must be prepared before the problem comes.  Let's compare this to a relay race.  If you are the last runner and you don't get the baton until your opponent is half a round ahead of you, it is to late.  It takes time to grow in The Lord.  It would have been God's will to save all of Judah even if the people weren't prepared to operate in faith, but it would have been to late for Jehoshaphat to go out over the land and turn the people back to the Lord.  We must always operate in faith.  God operates in faith and we must be like Him.  

Let's get back to Jehoshaphat and how God delivered him.  The people begin to worship the Lord.  Some of them praised the lord with a very loud voice.  As they headed out to meet the enemy Jehoshaphat told the people “have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in His prophets and you will be successful”.  As they began to sing and praise the Lord and thank Him for His love, God set up ambushes and the the enemy armies were defeated.  Two of the armies ganged up on the third and killed them, then they fought each other and every man was killed down to the last man.  The army of Judah didn't have to kill even one guy.  It took them 3 days to pickup all the plunder. Please read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 very carefully several times, I believe you will get as much out of it as I did.  This story has every aspect of the victorious Christian life.  Let's look at the things we learn from the story.

1) God has to be #1 in our life

2) We must immediately go to God when trouble comes

3) Surround your self with people of faith

4) Begin to draw out of your heart the Word that you have hidden there.

5) Begin to do what the Word says

6) Immediately begin to praise God for His power and willingness to help

7) Make sure your prayer is a prayer of faith

8) Pray for wisdom

9) Realize it is satan that is behind the problem, not God, you will know the difference if you know the Word                                                                          

10)  The Holy Spirit inside us will always guide us if we let Him

11)  Don't fear or be discouraged

12)  Thank God for the answer


There is many more things the Holy Spirit will show you, but this will get you started.

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ  and His Word be with you