Caleb is one of my favorite men of courage.  His phrase “give me this mountain” thrills me every time I hear it, but I am getting ahead of myself.  His story starts in Numbers chapter 13.  Moses had led the children of Israel out of Egypt under the direction of Almighty God.  The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for 430 years.  From the time they left Egypt until they reached the Promised Land at Kadesh-Barnea had taken had taken just a few weeks.  The Lord told Moses to send spies into the land of Canaan (Promised Land) to check out the land so they would know what to expect when they went in.  Are the people strong or weak, many or few, is the land good or bad, fertile or poor.  These were just things they needed to know so they could be better prepared when they went in.  It was not designed to make the decision whether to go in or not.  That decision had been in verse one.  “The Lord said to Moses, send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites.”  He said I am giving you the land!!

Moses sent in 12 men, one from each tribe, and they were gone for 40 days.  They brought back a mixed report.  It was a land flowing with milk and honey.  They brought a single cluster of grapes that was so large it took two men to carry it on a pole between them.  But 10 of the spy’s also brought back a bad report.  In verse 28 they said “But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large.  We even saw the descendants of Anak there.”  Wow, those descendants of Anak must have been something else.  Their fear of the Anakins was greater than their trust in the promise of Almighty God.  (You will never receive God’s promises and blessings into your life, if your fear of the problem is greater than your trust in God’s word.)

Two of the men were of a different cut however, Joshua and Caleb.  In verse 30 Caleb said     “Let us go up at once and take possession of the land, for we are well able to take it.”  Unfortunately the 10 other men convinced the people that they could not take the land.  Look especially at verse 33.  “There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”  What an eye opener.  It was how the viewed themselves that stopped them from taking the land at that time.  It was true there was giants, it was true that the cities were fortified, but it was also true that Almighty God was with them.  If God is with you it doesn’t matter about the giants or the fortified cities.  Read Numbers chapters 13 & 14, there is much there that I haven’t shared.

God was so angry with the children of Israel (because they wouldn’t put their trust in God’s Word) that they had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years before they were allowed to go into the promised land.  When they finally went in, guess who was there?  That’s right, Joshua and Caleb.  The other 10 spy’s had long ago died.  We will talk about Joshua in another story, but let’s look at Caleb’s inheritance in the Promised Land.  In the book of Joshua chapter 14 is where we find the story of Caleb taking his promised land.  

Caleb told Joshua that he was 40 years old when he was sent to spy out the land, but now he said I am 85 but I am just as strong to go to war as I was when I was 40, therefore give me this mountain where the Anakims live.  Joshua said, very well, I give you Hebron for your possession.  What a faith building story, Caleb took the prized mountain from the very people that the other 10 spy’s were convinced they couldn’t defeat.                                                                                    

What mountain do you need to conquer in your life today?  Finances, health, help in relationships, peace, and encouragement?  Find a promise in the Word and stand on it.  Don’t let those around you talk you out of it.  If God said it, that settles it.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word be with you.