About me

Our only purpose is to simply share The Word with anyone who might be interested.  We are providing short teachings for people in a very busy world.  I am not promoting any denomination or any particular church.  We have nothing to sell or anything to join.  My prayer is that this material will help and inspire you to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are welcome to use any of the material as a foundation for a Sunday school class, sermon or home Bible study.  These teachings are not an exhaustive study on whatever topic we are addressing.  Each is an introduction to one very important truth from God's Holy Word.  On most of these teachings I will have extra scriptures at the end so you can further your study.  I may at a later date provide more exhaustive studies if the Lord wills.

Note:  This is a work in progress.  I will be adding teachings each week as the Lord leads.  I will take teachings off and edit them as the need arises.  Adding scriptures, additional thoughts, correcting English or whatever might need to be done.  Hope this website is a blessing to you.

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